Facilities Management

Facilities management is an essential part of property management.

At SBA, we implement robust facilities management practices centred on maintenance, sustainability, safety, and technology to create environments that generate high levels of tenant satisfaction and reduce operating costs. Our approach also maximises facility value by keeping it in good condition.

Maintaining and taking care of the physical infrastructure of all our properties is essential. This includes buildings, grounds, utilities, shared equipment, and systems, such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and security. Addressing maintenance needs quickly helps prolong the assets’ lifespan and improve our tenants’ experience.

Safety and security are primary concerns for us at SBA and are vital in ensuring a safe environment for our leaseholders and tenants. We work with security service providers to implement comprehensive security measures, including access control systems, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems.

Emergency response plans, evacuation procedures, and regular safety training are delivered to mitigate risks and increase the well-being of occupants. By prioritising safety and security, our specialist team creates trust and confidence among tenants.

Effective communication and coordination are also key to successful facilities management. We collaborate with our stakeholders to develop maintenance budgets, prioritise repairs and upgrades, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and codes. Clear communication channels with tenants ensure prompt pick-up of maintenance requests to resolve concerns efficiently, meaning we foster positive tenant relationships.

We leverage technology and implement the latest digital solutions to ensure our facilities management processes are as streamlined as possible. Digital transformation has helped improve our facilities management by increasing efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

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Facilities management is an integral part of effective property management. Put your facilities management in safe hands and get in touch with our expert team today.

You can trust us to handle the day to day operations of your property and provide seamless and efficient facilities management. With our dedicated team, you can expect the highest standards of service.  

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