Major Works

Major works can be a nightmare resulting in poor or insufficient works, cost and time overruns and contractors employing unsafe working practices.

In consultation with the Client, we will commission schedules of work that reflect the brief and aspirations of the Client, submitting drafts for approval before consulting with Lessees either informally or through the Section 20 procedures, finalising the tender documentation and then inviting proposals from contractors.

Upon receipt of the prices, we analyse and report to all interested parties. As we have no ties or interest in any contractor, we will be objective and impartial, advising which contractor in our opinion has offered the most suitable tender, whether or not they’re the cheapest.

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 apply to all works. This includes the common areas of Blocks of Flats. They are concerned with the safety of occupiers and contractors during the course of the works and the future use and maintenance of the building after the completion of these works. Dependant on the duration of the works a formal notice might have to be filed with the Health and Safety Inspectorate.

Although it is the responsibility of the Principal Designer, you the Client also have certain responsibilities for this and cannot delegate that responsibility to an outside agency. However you can employ a specialist to advise you and assist with ensuring compliance; from ensuring the contractor you intend employing is competent to carry out the works in a safe manner and has a good track record in terms of Health and Safety, through to the completion of the manual which details the works, includes the instruction manuals and details the future maintenance matters which will apply.