our practices

  • We will bring an organised and professional approach to the planning and collection of the service charges and reserve funds, the timetables for redecoration and repairs and inspection and supervision of works.
  • Our assessment of what must be done, and when, will be honest and wholly independent of private interests and preferences and based solely upon our duty to keep the premises in good order. That is not to say that we won’t have full regard to leaseholder’s wishes, but rather we provide an unbiased view of what MUST be done, and then get it done in the most cost-effective and efficient way.
  • We remove the process of collecting funds and recovering unpaid charges from the freeholder or individual Directors of the RMC.
  • As an arm’s length agent we are able to deal with issues and disputes impartially, to limit the animosity and division which can occasionally arise where personal issues become the business of neighbours and colleagues.
  • We have full insurance cover in place to protect your funds, a significant advantage over self-regulation of funds by individual members.
  • We pride ourselves in providing a personal and professional service to all our residents and clients through excellent communication and the employment of experienced and knowledgeable staff. There is absolute clarity in all our management activities at each building we look after, and with how lessees’ funds are managed and utilized. In a nutshell, what we bring to the table is peace of mind.
  • The solutions we offer are creative, flexible and comprehensive, giving our clients peace of mind that their property is in the best possible hands.

Our philosophy is to maintain this reputation and we achieve it using a combination of proper and full communication with leaseholders, coupled with our own expertise – each block that we manage has a Director at the helm who will have overall responsibility for the management activities undertaken.