Tim Darwall-Smith, Director, SBA Property Management  

A residential apartment building in London

In the active and ever-growing property market, it’s near impossible to be all things, to all people. Property managers are an invaluable resource to keep a well-maintained property, retain good tenants, set competitive prices, and provide expertise to building managers and residents.

While property management can span across residential, commercial and land real estate uses, most companies often concentrate on specific market segments to gain a competitive advantage, whether the specialism is in a certain sector, location, or use.

Specialisms often are found in smaller markets such as the luxury property sector. Property managers can use their experience to deliver exceptional services to clientele within their speciality by tapping into these areas.

At SBA Property Management, we are a multi-disciplined organisation with a specialist team of experts – able to deliver the very best property management solutions across residential and commercial assets.  Our ethos is that effective management can greatly enhance the enjoyment of a property.

According to research by Luxury London, up-and-coming areas are continuing to ‘gain ground’ post-pandemic and illustrate why the luxury property market is specialist in its own right. Destinations such as Knightsbridge and Mayfair are still boasting popularity, alongside newer locations such as Marylebone, Paddington, and Notting Hill.

At SBA Property Management, we operate primarily across London and the South East, with our core locations including Knightsbridge, Mayfair and Kensington & Chelsea.

Our aim when acquiring new properties is to build our portfolio in well-established areas, located in central boroughs such as Kensington and Chelsea, to allow us to increase our profile in the market. Our acquisition of Buckingham Gate as part of the Paul Samuels portfolio in the central location of Westminster, was a great example of a property that allowed us to expand our portfolio and specialism in the borough.

It’s not just about luxury locations, but luxury services too. Our developments have office spaces, meeting rooms, community meeting areas and well-being spaces, allowing tenants to make use of top-class facilities within walking distance of their doorstep.

Our philosophy is to maintain this reputation and we achieve it using a combination of proper and full communication with leaseholders, coupled with our expertise. This continues to set us apart from our competitors and allows us to thrive in our specialist markets.