Tim Darwall-Smith, Director, SBA Property Management  

With over 90% of the UK’s population living in cities, it is evident that the demand for high-quality city living is growing and will continue to do so.

In the backdrop of city living, since the pandemic there has been a rising demand for convenience in the search for accommodation in the city. People want connectivity, flexibility, and space – and mixed-use developments have proven to be one solution to this demand.

Serving a range of purposes from residential, to commercial, to retail, mixed-use developments have become increasingly prevalent in cities in recent years. Enhanced by the impacts of the pandemic, the appeal of having everything you need on your doorstep has never been greater.

A particular benefit of mixed-use developments for many is the level of connection they offer to occupiers. Shared spaces create a strong sense of community, one that single-use residential blocks cannot, with people living, working, and socialising alongside one another.

Maintaining a high standard of living continues to be of increasingly value with more people spending time at home as hybrid working remains the normality. At SBA Property Management, our developments have office spaces, meeting rooms, community meeting areas and well-being spaces, allowing tenants to make use of top-class facilities within walking distance of their doorstep.

For those going back to full-time working from an office, other services including 24-hour concierge and security, laundry, and car washing – are all of huge benefit. We understand the need for ease and convenience, and that is why our properties cover a full range of amenities and services for tenants to make their lives easier.

Beyond this, our properties also benefit from restaurants and cafes, gyms, swimming pools and electric charging points.

Due to rising popularity amongst leaseholders, mixed-use developments are also seen as a secure investment for developers. Beyond the positive affect on the tenant, if developers can let retail and commercial spaces to known brands, interest and trust will increase, encouraging footfall and strengthening commercial viability.

In the future, mixed-use developments will only rise in popularity as more people move to cities in search of convenience and a high-quality standard of living. Therefore, it is vital for property managers, developers, and investors to consider investing in a mixture of amenities and facilities to ensure tenants remain interested and engaged in today’s fast-paced world.