As a bespoke property management company, we understand the impact of the increased cost of living, particularly in London, where prices are around seven per cent higher than in the rest of the UK. 

We also understand that keeping on top of service charge payments is vital in helping towards the cost of insurance, cleaning, maintenance and repairs of your property, and therefore, keeping it running. 

At SBA, we offer various services that help keep your books in order, so how can we help you with service charges? 

Handling payments 

Throughout managing your property, an SBA employee will look after any financial management tasks and funds administration, including preparing accurate budgets and timely service charge accounts. This team member will also be responsible for making payments to your suppliers every month on receipt of properly presented invoices. 

Organising maintenance 

While managing a residential property block, our team’s daily duties include setting up, managing and administrating any planned maintenance and service contracts. We know first-hand the need for transparency, and all work is carried out on time to ensure tenants or leaseholders that their service charge goes towards maintaining the building. Our health and safety team will also conduct site inspections to ensure the property complies with industry regulations and if any issues arise, they are dealt with accordingly. 

Maintaining compliance 

As mentioned above, we work towards guaranteeing your property is in line with the latest regulations to ensure you do not run into penalties. Rather than put the burden on yourself, we take on liaising with local and statutory bodies on matters of their responsibility that affect the development, dealing with solicitors’ enquiries on lease sales, providing consistent communication, arranging, and attending meetings, plus appointing and liaising with service contractors and monitoring performance to ensure it aligns with your needs and industry regulations. 

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